Values & Culture

Values & Culture

At Metis core values is our guiding light to how we do what we do. It drives our decision making.

We encourage a SHOSHIN mindset. The thirst for learning & the willingness to teach. Together we grow.

Our expectations according to our
Core Values

  • Take responsibility for client deliverables.
  • Take accountability and ‘own your lane’.
  • Clear and timeous communication with your clients, teammates, and Metis.
  • Read an interesting article… share!
  • If you are stuck, ask for help.
  • If someone is stuck, lend them a helping hand.
  • Ask yourself, “Is this the most efficient way to do this?” Is it relevant, is it necessary?
  • Speak the language your audience understands. Translate data so that your clients get it.
  • Be okay to have icky sticky conversations people want to avoid.
  • Contribution, attendance, and participation in training.
  • Implement what you have learnt. “Knowledge without action is vanity and action without knowledge is insanity”.
  • Practice Shoshin. Keeping a beginner’s mind, no matter how much you know on the subject. Be open, be eager, be humble, always be hungry to learn.
  • Set and maintain boundaries, with yourself, your teammates, and your clients.
  • Burnout is real, look after your mental health, it’s number one.
  • Take time out for other passions.